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      Research institutions

      From monitoring the application of funds to accounting–we keep track of the needs of research institutions.

      In Germany, research and development play an important role. The Federal Government and the Länder spend three percent of the gross national product on research and development. In addition, joint European projects are promoted in many ways by research framework programmes of the European Union.

      All recipients of such research funds, however, are subject to special accountability standards in relation to the appropriate use of the funds provided for research. These grants usually cover only part of the costs associated with research work; the facilities are required to contribute a share of their own resources for financing.

      Due to this structure of promotion and the special prerequisites for receiving research subsidies, the research facilities are faced with varied challenges:

      How does accounting need to be organised in order to produce correct proofs? How can proof be furnished, in particular of personnel costs? Is time recording required, and if so, to what extent? What are the hourly rates that can be claimed? Which overhead costs are eligible for funds? How are the grants to be treated from a tax perspective? Is it required to have the application of funds reviewed externally, and if so, by whom? What needs to be observed when awarding contracts?

      Answers to such questions and issues are required in order to be allowed to keep the research funds received. Breaches of requirements relating to form and record-keeping may lead to consequences threatening the existence of the institutions concerned, in particular since these are often organised as non-profit facilities.

      Since the establishment of our partnership, NS+P has been dealing with tax, legal, and business administration issues all about the subject of research and development in Aachen, a centre of tertiary education. We audit and advise public and private research institutions nationwide.

      Our fields of specialisation for research institutions:

      • Organisation of accounting
      • Organisation of operational procedures
      • Value-added tax consulting in relation to research projects
      • Tax consulting for non-profit-making research institutions
      • Consulting with regard to contracting law
      • Management of third-party funds
      • Monitoring of application of funds of all funding models (e. g. Ziel 2. NRW, 7 FP EU, Horizon 2020, BMWF, AIF, DFG, Interreg IV A and IV B, Marie Curie Projects, Life +)
      • Expert opinions
      • Selection of the legal form

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