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      Tax consultancy

      Sound tax advice provides the best basis for entrepreneurial decisions.

      Contrary to the regular announcements of politics to lower and simplify taxes, the number of tax categories, the complexity of their assessment, the conditions of their application and for exceptions, and consequently also their interdependencies are constantly increasing. In this ambiguous and difficult-to-understand field, the person concerned is hardly able to foresee and plan the tax-related consequences of his/her actions him-/herself. This is even more true in relation to entrepreneurs who are exposed to a large number of interlocking taxes.

      We help you to make entrepreneurial decisions on a sound basis also from a tax perspective. It is our goal to preserve you from unpleasant surprises–through the entire life cycle of your company from establishment to growth, restructuring, and succession planning to termination.

      In day-to-day business, we perform all services in the field of tax compliance for you, ranging from bookkeeping to drawing up the annual financial statements to personnel accounting to tax returns. Of course we also take care of your private tax matters.

      Our services in the field of tax consulting:

      • Financial accounting
      • Personnel accounting
      • Preparing annual financial statements
      • Tax returns
      • Business start-up consulting
      • Subsidy consulting
      • Tax valuations
      • Restructuring
      • Transaction consulting
      • Corporate succession planning
      • Private asset administration and planning
      • International tax law
      • Value-added tax
      • Charitable status and foundations
      • Tax consulting in crisis and insolvency

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      Tax consultant
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      Tax consultant
      Tel. 0049 (0) 241/44 666-409
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